Welcome to the Worship Desk. You’re invited to join me in a posture of gratitude and praise as we focus on our Creator and give glory back to Him through our creative gifts.

For me, my passion is writing as worship. By God’s grace, this adventure began (rather practically) by establishing a nightly routine. In the evening, once my husband and son were asleep, I would take communion, pray, and then, I would write. I found that I needed to claim the victory of Jesus Christ daily. I had to remember His life, death, and resurrection so that I could hold onto a Kingdom perspective, and not become consumed by the grief concerning our recent miscarriage. Taking communion reminded me of my calling and the new covenant and promise the Lord had made with me. It reminded me of why I write at all, because it is a gift that I can use to give back to the Creator.

What I swiftly discovered was that by posturing my heart and mind in this way – in a state of worship – my spiritual senses awoke. I could follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting and feel that gentle voice in my soul directing my mind and my fingertips across the neon keys. Some nights I wrote thousands of words in one sitting. Other nights, it was a few hundred. And then there were some nights, when I had postured myself to listen, and all He said was, ‘You’re tired. Just rest tonight. We can do this again tomorrow.’

I would encourage you to approach your creative craft as an act of worship. Not just because it’s a good thing to do, but because it’s exciting to see what incredible things the Lord can do through us when we offer ourselves as an empty vessel waiting to be filled by the Spirit of the Almighty God.

Watch this space, fellow child of God. I can’t wait to see your journey unfold!