Writing As Worship

The Silent Worshipper

Sometimes writing as worship isn’t writing at all.

Recently, sickness hit our household hard making it impossible for me to write. My brain wasn’t functioning, my body was exhausted, and then I had a little person who wanted me even more than usual because he had finally caught the bug. (As it turns out, 2 yeas olds don’t believe in social distancing. Who knew?)

So, for the best part of a week, I rested.

I didn’t write.

And – I will venture to say – there is nothing wrong with that.

Because sometimes writing as worship looks like a rest or a “Sabbath” from writing. There are times it looks like a writing “fast”, when God calls us away from writing for a season to refresh us in a way only He can. And then there are times when life becomes too much, the well of creativity seemingly runs dry, and time is against us.

But if we could pause in any of these scenarios and listen for the whisper of God, what would He be telling us?

He wouldn’t be telling us to doubt our calling as writers. He wouldn’t be comparing us or our work to someone else. He wouldn’t be guilt tripping us and convincing us to exhaust ourselves to the point of burn out. He wouldn’t do any of these things, because this is not the God we worship.

Our God is ABOUNDING in love. He IS love. And His Word declares that we are His children. We are redeemed by the blood of Christ. We are filled with the Holy Spirit.

If God is whispering for us to rest in Him, to take a breath, to take a break from our words to maybe just soak in His, maybe there’s a reason for it?

It’s a little like the worship music at church. Most of the time, I lift my voice and my hands. I sing as loud as I can and truly enjoy praising God with my voice. Then there are other moments when the lyrics hit me where it hurts and I can barely choke out a whimper. Sometimes, I will stand there silent.

We can worship in silence. We can posture our hearts in gratitude and praise while our voices rest. While our words rest. While we take a moment to still our minds so He can guide us to our desired haven….

It’s okay.

‘Then they cry out to the LORD in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses. He calms the storm, so that its waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet; so He guides them to their desired haven.’

PSALM 107:28-30 (NKJV)

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